Friday, 25 May 2012

Lips lips lips...

I usually describe myself active, dynamic and lively but when it comes to make-up, I am really lazy. I never put on primer and foundation, well, this is mostly because I prefer not to. I have some basic touch-ups before I go out -I'll tell about them later- and try to keep loyal to them. If I don't have even five minutes for the basics, say I have to reach speed of light soon, there's one thing I do; wearing lipstick. Some girls love eye make-up, some complexion and me, lipstick. I've always loved trying different lip products from my teenage years and now I have some collection. 

When I search for a product, I try to find swatches and read basic information and reviews. Even though it's easy to find reviews, it is not always easy to find the basic information like ingredients, smell, texture etc all in one place. Here, I plan to bring them altogether and create a lipstick encyclopedia. It will also be like keeping records of my lip products for me so you may see some discontinued lip products but don't get angry with me, it's an encyclopedia after all.

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